The Woombie Swaddler Review

On Monday June 11th, at 6:03 am we welcomed our son Blake Jared Desrosiers into the world. Blake was about a week early, but was more than welcomed. As expected he was a large baby weighing 9.3 lbs, and a whopping 22 inches long. He was my easiest pregnancy, labor, and delivery in comparison to his two older sisters. Everything is perfect about our little sweet pea with the exception of one little complaint –little Blake is a VERY light sleeper. I feel as if we cannot even glimpse at him while he is asleep without his startle reflex going off, or his little eyes peaking at us.

Thankfully, a few weeks before his arrival I started researching baby swaddlers. After much research I came across the Woombie. What is a Woombie you ask? The Woombie is a safe, effective, baby swaddle that provides an infant with a safe alternative to a blanket. While in the hospital I wish I would have remembered to pack my Woombie in my baby bag. My son, who is stronger than the average baby was able to get out of his traditional swaddle, and managed to cover his face with his receiving blankets. Unfortunately he also is a little face scratcher, and now has a bunch of little red marks on his face from being able to “Houdini” out of his blanket swaddle.

Last night we put our new Woombie Tahiti style newborn swaddler to the test during our first night at home. At first we mistakenly put Blake to bed in a fleece sleep sack due to the below average temperatures outside. However, little Blake was not having it. He woke up every 15 mins, and started crying. His startle reflex is so strong that every little bump, sound, or movement was waking him up. That’s when the magic of the Woombie, that I was generously given to try out on my little guy came into play.

Putting the Woombie on Blake was very easy, and provided a comfortable, cozy swaddle. At first Blake was a bit fussy in his new swaddler, but soon adjusted after a good breastfeed. I really love how easy the Woombie make breastfeeding for me. Since my baby likes to try to scratch, and suck his fingers when I am feeding him the Woombie comfortably contained his hands, and it was way less stressful feeding him. Another great feature is the fact that the Woombie has two zippers. My husband who has diaper duty loved the neat little zipper on the botton of the Woombie for easy diaper change access.

Overall, we all really enjoyed that fact that the Woombie really calmed down Blake, and helped him to fall into a deep four-hour stretch of sleep. He has never slept so soundly before being in his safe, comforting, innovative swaddler. I also really enjoy the fact that he cannot cover his face with blankets, overheat, scratch himself, or startle himself. Being in a Woombie reminds babies of the safe environment they know best-the woomb. I highly recommend the Woombie to any parent of an infant whom seeks sleep!!

You can learn more about the Woombie on their official site. They also have a Facebook, and Twitter page, as well as a You Tube Channel. Woombie also sells cuddle blankets, and much more for your baby~be sure to check them out!





  1. Jennifer Clay says

    First off, I have to say Congrats! Blake is so adorable! This looks like it works so well. I have used several different swaddlers when my girls were little but nothing really worked. I am going to have to check this out for my newest addition to come in Jan.

  2. Ashley - Embracing Beauty says

    I’m a huge fan of swaddlers! I’ll have to remember this brand for my next little one. Congrats on your adorable new adorable baby boy!

  3. Jaime R says

    Congrats on your little boy!
    My daughters LOVED being swaddled, and this would have made it that much easier to do, said swaddle technique, haha! I will remember this product for any upcoming births of friends & relatives! thanks!

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