How To Make a Christmas Mason Jar Decoration-Frugal Craft Idea

How To Make a Christmas Mason Jar Decoration-Frugal Craft Idea

With Christmas already next month, I have been experimenting with making some frugal decorations with items I have on hand. Crafting your own decorations from upcycled materials is a great eco-friendly way to decorate your home. With a few extra craft supplies like glitter, and glue you can make a bunch of cute Christmas inspired decorations. I have so many mason jars  on hand so I decided to make  Christmas Mason Jar decorations.

Christmas mason jars are such a great way to decorate your home on a dime. They can be filled with so many different items from around the house to make them special. Filling them with buttons, candies, and trinkets came make them eye-catching centerpieces. I have even turned a small mason jar into a snow globe!

For this crafting occasion I decided to make Christmas Mason Jar Decorations with supplies I found at a thrift shop. I spent $.50 on 6 styrofoam balls, and $1.25 for a bag of pinecones. I had bronze glitter on hand, raffia, and the jars on hand from Summer pickling.




Small styrofoam balls




raffia, or ribbon you have on hand

Tin Stars-I had extra from a past project


Cover your work area with newspaper

Brush the small styrofoam balls with glue

Sprinkle them with glitter

Repeat/set the to dry

Take the pinecones, and place small glue dots on the edges of the cones

Repeat/set to dry

Fill up your mason jar

Finish it off with a ribbon-there you go

**These could be filled with candy, peppermints, buttons, there are so many ways your could make these Christmasy on the cheap! I ended up making three of them, and am happy with the way they came out.



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