10 Surprising Foods I Freeze to Save Money

10 Surprising Foods I Freeze to Save Money

Blue-boxDon’t you just hate wasting food? Better yet, don’t you hate it when certain perishable items go on sale for nearly free after coupons, but you don’t have the means to consume them before they expire? Have you ever considered freezing unconventional foods like dairy products?

Over the past year between the all the Kraft sales I made out on, I really needed a way to store my perishable essentials. After some trial, and error I did something my mother never considered when we were growing up; I froze my dairy, and produce! I decided to utilize my freezer in order to save my family tons of money on otherwise expensive foods.

While freezing items will always change their texture a little bit it is totally safe, and a great way to save money for your growing family. Between rising produce, and dairy prices freezing items you scored on sale is a great was to save a bunch of green!

Here are some items I froze in my freezer for an average of 1-3 months. Please note the storage periods are by my experiences, and your’s may be different.

1o Surprisingly foods I froze to save Money:

Sliced American Cheese: I was able to score 24 count Kraft Singles Cheese for $.50 per pack. These normally retail for up to $5 per pack so a deal. I froze my cheese for 3 months, and it was fine!

Milk: Due to a great catalina deal I was able to get 4 gallons of milk free one week. There was no way we were gonna drink, or use that much within 10 days so I froze it. However, DO NOT place a milk jug in the freezer unless you empty at least half a cup of milk. It expands in the freezer, and will explode if you do not empty some…I learned this by lesson..trust me lol!!

Yogurt: I froze two types of yogurt last year for 2 months on a rotating basis. Both Go Gurt, and cup style low-fat yogurts froze perfectly. To eat the cup style yogurts you must defrost them for at least 12 hours. The texture will be a bit weird, but after you stir it well it returns to normal.

Half & Half: I froze Coffee Mate, and International Delight after I got several for free. Again, empty a little out before freezing, and it stays fine for up to 6 weeks. I consumed it within a month and a half , and it was fine-just be sure to shake it a bit after it defrosts.

Produce: I know you can buy frozen fruit at the markets, but did you know you can by reduced produce, and wash, and chop it up for later. By simply storing your chopped peppers, onions, and fruits you can save time, and money! I find them to last well for 6 weeks.

Fresh Herbs: After growing my own fresh herbs this past Spring I realized just how much they can yield. Herbs like parsley, oregano, basil, and more fresh well after being washed, and stored in an air tight bag. These can last up to 3 months!!

Chocolate: Did you know you can freeze chocolate like Snickers, and Reeses? They keep well for up to 4 months, and are perfect for a cold treat, or baking. Stocking up on after Christmas clearance candy is a great way to take advantage of this.

Eggs: I was a bit skeptical on this one because freezing eggs seemed so strange, but you can. I was able to get several expiring soon dozens of eggs. I make a lot of scrambled eggs, and omelettes so I cracked 3 dozen of eggs, and stored a dozen each in 3 freezer-safe plastic containers. When I wanted to make breakfast for my family I’d take out a container of 12 scrambled eggs, and let them defrost overnight…they cooked, and tasted fine!

Kids Pudding Cups: One summer day last year I decided to place my kids chocolate pudding cups in thew freezer for a cool treat. Well, as usual I became side tracked, and left them in there for a day. After letting them defrost to see what they’d be like I opened them, and stirred them. They tasted fine!

Butter: I admit, my old boss used to freeze butter, and I was always in shock when he did it!! So, years later I decided to give it a whirl, and freeze my extra butter. It tasted fine, and worked well for cooking! Today, I freeze butter whenever I can get it cheaper than my stockpile price which is under $2.00. I have kept butter frozen for up to 2 months in rotation.

 There are many more foods that can be frozen. I really think a lot of it is a trial and error type thing. Of course storing these foods in a deep chest freezer is ideal. I really hope you are able to save your family a ton of money with these 10 Surprising Foods I Freeze to Save Money!


  1. Elizabeth T says

    I also would have never thought of freezing egg and we throw a lot away but not any more. :) Also we freeze cheese and milk if needed and bread doesn’t get soggy just take it out to dethaw and its fresh as the day you bought it . PLH

  2. Keene says

    Thanks for the list. I would not have thought to freeze eggs either. I will definitely be bookmarking for future reference.

  3. Jody Cowan says

    Well this is great news! I had no idea you could freeze all these things! Now I can buy more when they’re on sale! thanks!

  4. Marissa S says

    I love freezing eggs! Even froze them in cubes so the could be used individually. I wouldn’t have thought of freezing and thawing yogurt. Thanks!

  5. Debbie Lamb says

    Freezing eggs is new to me! I will try that! So often eggs close to expiring are so cheap! Thanks for the tip.

  6. says

    We freeze coffee creamer! The seasonal ones are my favorite, but they are only avaialbe at certain times of the year so I buy them when they go on sale and then freeze them to enjoy year round.

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