Easter Bunny Brownie Cupcakes

Easter Bunny Brownie Cupcakes 

Easter-Bunny-CupcakeTo wrap up the February Cupcake Challenge I decided to make a really easy creation. I was suppose to make chicken salad cups, but then I forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer, and you know how that goes. It has been months since I made brownies so I decided to whip up some quick Easter Bunny Brownie Cupcakes.

Last week when I was at Target I spotted these super cute Easter Bunny cupcakes picks in the Dollar section so I picked some up. I also picked up a bag of Cadbury Mini’s Eggs. The cupcake wrappers are from WholePort -one of the best places for EVERYTHING craft!!

I don’t really have a recipe ingredient list because I just used boxed brownie mix, and opted for the fluffy recipe. I also cut the time down to 19 mins for 12 cupcakes. Make sure you keep a toothpick handy for testing to make sure if they are done. If it comes back with food on it they need to cook a tad bit longer.

Bunny-CupcakeYou can use your imagination for decoration. Jelly Beans, and toppings should be put on after the cupcake brownies have come out of the oven, and cooled a bit. If you put them on before they will melt, and get all nasty.

I hope you have fun, and find inspiration for making some super cute Easter Bunny Brownie Cupcakes! Be sure to check out Wholeport.com for all your crafting & baking needs.


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