800Razors.com Service and Product Review

800Razors.com Service and Product Review

800-razors-review Isn’t shaving just the funnest thing ever that we humans are tasked with daily? Ok, so I am totally kidding..I hate shaving, but of course I do it to remain a somewhat civilized looking human, but it is a pain. What makes shaving a real buzz kill is when you do not have razors that shave back..yeah I said it..there is nothing worse than a lousy razor that just rips hair out. Thankfully, the latest razors I received from 800Razors.com actually worked.

My 800Razors.com Service and Product Review started off on a good note with the attentive customer care I received directly from their team. They took the time to address a prior issue I had with their razors, and remedied the situation. It was great to work with a company who actually listened and took my thoughts into account.

800Razors.com sent me two units to test out, and try; one for myself, and one for my husband. The items arrived in a nice, sleek box via USPS First Class Mail. Inside there was a Men’s Five Blade, and Woman’s Five Blade Razor set. Since I was a couponing enthusiast, I have honestly tried EVERY razor product on the market; in both male and female versions so I had a good basis of comparison to start with.

The first thing I personally noticed about the Men’s Five Blade, and Woman’s Five Blade Razors were that they were very similar in appearance to the Gillette Venus®, and Fusion® razors. In fact, 800Razors.com suggests they are comparable to these popular brand names. I think they hit the nail on the head with construction, and design because (at first inspection) I thought they looked, and felt very similar to the name brand competitor. However, the 800Razors.com samples were a bit more comfortable than even my almost $10 razors!

Woman’s Five Blade Razor

ladies 800-razorI did notice that the Woman’s Five Blade Razor cartridge was enclosed in a neat little plastic safety, and storage container-that was a plus. However, at closer glance, the actual blades looked fine, but the fortified with aloe, “Soft and Smooth” 360 lubricating strip was actually rough, and bumpy. Each of the four cartridges were the same, and felt a little off..but it would be the actual shave that put these woman’s razors to the test.

When it came to to shave my legs, the razor suggested that soap was optional. No matter the razor, out of habit, I always prefer a bar soap lubricant, so that is what I used. I have to say, the Woman’s Five Blade Razor did do it’s job and effortlessly shaved my legs. The razor did not slip, and I did not incur any nicks, or cuts. That is a huge plus because there is nothing worse than trying to bandage a bunch of non stop bleeding cuts.

mens 800- razorMen’s Five Blade Razor

The Men’s Five Blade Razor’s lubricating strip also looked a little rough in appearance, but my husband said it worked..ok. Not fantastic like his  Fusion®, but it got the job done, and he didn’t complain too much. He said the handle felt like his go to brand name razor, but the smoothness of the shave just wasn’t there. He does have sensitive skin, and a thick beard so that likely came into play.

Overall Thoughts:

Overall, I’d say that my experience completing the 800Razors.com service and product review has been that of a good one. If I wasn’t a couponer, I would surely take advantage of this great razor service, but I can personally have enough razors to last me years. However, if you are looking for a reliable service that provides FREE shipping, and a Burn Free Guarantee


  1. says

    hmm. i haven’t heard of this ever. i wonder how we’d do. we both have sensitive skin. and my husband is so stuck on his razor it’s hard to even find the blade refills for him anymore! definitely worth looking into. i’m good about HIS razors…mine? notsomuch

  2. Debra says

    I’ve never heard of this before, shaving with a dull razor is THE WORST – so having one that is easy to handle and sharp is key!

  3. Eva says

    amazing the services people come up with, but just like you, I have enough razors to last us for a long time and I do not doubt that the coupons will keep on coming.

  4. Casey @ Veggies and Glitter says

    My husband’s stockpile is running low and I haven’t seen any good coupons for the type he likes in a while, so I may have to check out this website for him. I actually like using men’s razors to shave my legs; I feel like they give a closer shave. Thanks for sharing about this service!

  5. says

    I hate shaving my legs! Sometimes I try and tell my husband that I am doing some research to see how long my hair legs might grow. lol I use the Venus razor and love it. I had no idea there was some kind of service like this.

  6. says

    I’m not a couponer in any way – this service will be needed once my 3 girls begin shaving! I’m always using old blades to stretch my dollar but refuse to clip.

  7. says

    There are so many razor businesses out there! I tend to just pick up what I need at the store as razors last a long time for me, but this seems like another great option – thank you!

  8. says

    I did not know there was a service like this out there! I will be checking into it for my son, who does not live at home, and is not always able to get a good deal on razors. I love that they have the 5 blades, as we have realized we need that in our lives. My man does not have sensitive skin, but does have a very tough growth of hair to shave.

  9. says

    Interesting review! I actually tend to prefer men’s razors – they always seem to do a better job. Here, I’ve noticed that women’s razors are far more expensive than men’s.

  10. says

    Fortunately for me I don’t have to shave but once a year..at least my legs.. it takes a year for the hair on my legs to grow and when it does grow it grows so fine that you can barely see it on the razor itself.. My girls hate me because of this lol.. they have to shave every other day so does my husband.. I am also a couponer so we have shavers for a couple of years already. If it was not for that I would definetly love to have this service..

  11. says

    I couldn’t agree more.. having to shave daily is just serious pain at times! This sound like a really great service, my hubs is super picky about his razors.. I wonder what he’ll think! Thanks for your honest review, love it! 😉

  12. Joanne says

    Thanks for the review! I’m going to look into this for my husband.He shaves his head down to the scalp and is always looking for good razors.

  13. says

    I abso hate shaving, but I hate heading out thinking I have hairy legs even more so I make sure to do it regularly. I used to wax a lot and that minimized the hair I had, but I got lazy and went back to the razor.

  14. says

    Every time I see 800razors.com I think somebody is giving away 800 razors and I immediately click on it. I am a nut. This is a great service. I probably need to subscribe! Glad I read your review.

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