Mac-N-Mo’s Morselicious Treats Review #GlutenFree

Mac-N-Mo’s Morselicious Treats Review #GlutenFree

Morselicious-BitesHaving a little girl who is just 4 years old with a gluten allergy is no fun at all. Sure, eating gluten, and wheat free is not that hard for an adult, but for a small child who was diagnosed at just three with a wheat allergy, it is a daily struggle. My 4 year old can be extremely picky with store bought wheat, and gluten free treats so I often find myself making her homemade baked goods.

Mac-n-Mo'sMy cupboards are chock filled with healthy, naturally gluten free flours, oils, and sweeteners, but I do not always have time to bake from scratch on busy weekdays. I can always appreciate new baking mixes, and products that fit into my child’s gluten, and wheat free diet. Luckily, as a blogger I get to taste test, and review tons of products that are not always so mainstream.

We recently received some wheat free, Kosher, sugar free, Non GMO, Vegan, Morselicious Baking Mix in from the Mac-N-Mo’s company. This company was created out of love for the owner’s father. After her dad had some major health issues, it was time for a diet overhaul. He yearned for an all natural treat with no preservatives, minimal salt, and no added sugar. That is when his daughter created Morselicious Treats.

The ingredients in Mac-N-Mo’s are very simple: brown rice, almonds, coconut, flax meal, and spices. The product comes in a 12 oz paper bags which I was not fond of at all. Sure, it looks super cute, but most of the mix flies out of it if squeezed. I’d like to see a much more sanitary packaging in the future.

morselicious-mixMaking your morsels is very easy. I decided to add homemade apple sauce to mine, as well as a bit of honey, and some coconut oil. You can bake this mix into muffins tins, as little morsels, into loaf pans, and more. I decided to form mine into what looked like donut holes. My kids loved these in the past, and I thought it would be cute to make a healthy version.

I formed my balls, and placed them in the 350 degree preheated oven for 16 minutes. I wanted a soft, yet fully baked ball. Thsi setting worked out perfectly and produced roughly 24 balls. The mix smelled yummy cinnamon, and spice, and is very easy to work with.

When our morsels were done, I let them cool, and I served them to my kids. They seemed to like them, but did mention that they were not that sweet. I reminded them that they are healthy, and good for their bodies, and that encouraged them to finish them. I myself thought they were good, but I would add more honey next time for a sweeter taste.

A few things I enjoyed about this product was that they are healthy, Non GMO, and wheat free. They are very easy to make, and literally took me minutes to prepare. I can see myself purchasing Morselicious Mix in the future if they change the packaging.

If you would like to try this up and coming product, I suggest checking out their official site. You can also connect with them via FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Halloween-MorselsUpdate: We did a Halloween version using our silicone Halloween molds from–a great place for crafting, and baking supplies. They came out super cute, and really took on a great shape while they baked–still as delicious as ever! Halloween-molds


  1. says

    Thanks a million morsels for your review! Yes, we are in production with brand new packaging. New poly bags will be available within a month! :)
    Have a MORSELICIOUS day!

  2. Saundre' says

    Yay! I’m so happy you reviewed Mac-n-Mo’s Morselicious Mix! I made some chocolate chip morsels for my six year old niece and her friends and they loved them! I added some dark chocolate chips to the recipe and the kids went GAGA! Maybe you should try adding some dairy-free, whey-free and/or casein-free chocolate chips. I know they will love it!

  3. Ashley says

    I love this gluten-free product – this mix is so pure and the blend of spices in the mix smell so amazing right out of the oven! Looking forward to the brand new packaging too. I even made amazing pancakes with it last weekend!!

  4. Colleen says

    I discovered this mix a while ago myself and have been so happy with it. It has become a staple in my kitchen. I’ve made pancakes, morsels, muffins and even casseroles with it! The flavor of her spices sold me on the first bite. I love that it’s pure! You can use it, as is which is totally healthy and fabulous or add whatever suits you to the mix. The versatility is wonderful and this mix has replaced the use of white flour in my house. My only wish is that it was available in my local store!


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