Solar Shield®: Fit Over Sunglasses that Deliver UV Protection with a Small Price Tag #Review

Solar Shield®: Fit Over Sunglasses that Deliver UV Protection with a Small Price Tag #Review

Solar-ShieldsDon’t you just hate the glare of the sun during early morning driving? I know that if I am on the highway at a certain time, I am literally blinded by the gets pretty scary! Of course if you wear glasses like my husband, this problem is only intensified. While he does wear contact lenses most of the time now, that was not always the case!

Often, him and I would joke that it would be pretty cool to have  a pair of sunglasses that fit over seeing eye glasses. We really couldn’t afford prescription grade sunglasses, so my husband would go without. Little did we know that the company called Solar Shield® existed! Gosh, this company could have saved us from so much trouble when it came to sunglasses!

solar-shield-glassesIf you are not familiar with the Solar Shield® company, here is a little company background information: Solar Shield is a leader in Polarized sunglasses since 1979. Their main goal is to provide consumers with fashionable eye wear, and optical accessories that deliver superior performance. Their in-house engineering team is constantly developing products that exceed customer expectations.

We were lucky enough to receive two pairs of Shades by Solar Shield®. they sent us one medium, and one large pair-perfect for us! One thing that came to mind when I first inspected our Solar Shield® products was that they were very fashionable, and stylish! They certainly didn’t look like the glasses i’d find on the older generation. They actually could pass a normal sunglasses!

solar-shield-fit-over-sunglassesAnother great feature is that they are ultra light, and provide full coverage. Solar Shield® fit over sunglasses are uniquely designed to provide only the best coverage.

  • Top shield blocks direct light from above
  • Lower shield blocks reflected indirect light from below
  • Optical grade, polarized lenses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Side windows or shields (on fashion styles) protect eyes from perishable light

If you are worried about product quality, Solar Shield® Fit Over Sunglasses are made to last. The stop hinges prevent internal scratching of lenses for extended durability. The frames are made from either lightweight nylon, or polycarbonate for extended wear, and comfort. It is apparent that these products are indeed of great quality.

solar-sunglassesFrom a financial perspective, Solar Shield® is a GREAT choice! Rather than spending upwards of $200 in some cases, you can get a VERY stylish and fashionable pair of these prescription sunglasses alternatives for under $30! They do not look cheesy, or old fashion! The best part is, my husband can actually see out of them too. morning commutes on days without contacts just got a whole lot easier!

Solar Shield®: Fit Over Sunglasses would make a great Christmas gift, or stocking stuffer!

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