Red Cup Living®: The Ultimate Party Cups! #Review

Red Cup Living: The Ultimate Party Cups! #Review

Red-cup-living What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see a red plastic cup? For me, I think of college parties, high school, socializing, and everything Summer. For many, the plastic red cup happens to be an iconic symbol of fun, togetherness, and laughter. These very same thoughts are the motivation, and fuel behind Mike & Katy’s company; Red Cup Living®.

After realizing that there was a need for reusable party cups Red Cup Living® owner Mike & Katy developed an entire line of partyware, apparel, and accessories dedicated to the iconic red cup. I love this concept because I am huge on anything eco-friendly so this product definitely has a place in my heart, and home. I had the chance to try out some Red Cup Living® Partyware items which was super cool! We don’t have many parties at all, but we do typically tend to enjoy weekly neighborly get togethers.

Red-Cup-Living-lidsRed Cup Living® sent us the following items:

  • 15 ounce Margarita Cup
  • {4} 18 ounce Cups & Lids
  • {4} lids
  • Straws

At first glance, I was so amazed at how identical these products were to the iconic red, plastic cup. If I hadn’t known better, I would have thought they were made of disposable plastic! It is apparent that these Partyware cups are of great quality. I have a confession to make too! The Margarita Cups I received are the very first cups of this type I own! For years I have stayed clear of purchasing margarita glasses because I am just too clumsy, and knew I’d break their delicate stems! Now, I don’t have to worry because these cups are made of reusable plastic, and can be dropped without shattering!

Red-Cup-Living-lifestylejpgIf you love to party, socialize, and enjoy “red cup beverages” then Red Cup Living® is a great company to consider supporting! These would make beyond fabulous gifts for college students, and young adults! The best part is you get super cool straws, and lids that basic plastic red cups do not have!

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