Get Moving with the Shine Elegant Wearable Activity Tracker Available at Best Buy

Get Moving with the Shine Elegant Wearable Activity Tracker Available at Best Buy

“I have been compensated in terms of receiving this product at a reduced price or for free”

shine-activity-tracking-appThese days, most people are looking for practical gifts for their friends and family. Gone are the days of gifting ugly sweaters (hopefully), and stinky perfumes. People like myself are getting more serious about the health of not only themselves, but their loved ones as well. That is why the market is now booming with high tech activity trackers. We have the the opportunity to test quite a few out, but nothing is as cool as the Shine Elegant Wearable Activity Tracker {{available at Best Buy}}.

SHINE-Activity-MonitorAs a member of the Best Buy WOLFbloggers program, we were sent a $119 Shine by Misfit. This item arrived safely, and gets props for being one of the most unique product displays I’ve seen in a while. Our Shine was enclosed in a plastic, flat bubble, and was super tiny! I was really curious at how exactly this product would track my daily activity, and couldn’t wait to delve inside.

Shine-ActivityThe Shine Elegant Wearable Activity Tracker really stands out in my mind as the tracker of choice for a variety of reasons. First of all, it is super cute, and can be worn as either a bracelet, or even a necklace. It comes in 4 beautiful colors, and Best Buy even has a variety of leather bands available for this gem of a tracker.

So what exactly does the Shine activity tracker do you ask? Well it can track all of the following activities, and then some when connected to your smartphone ( iOS system compatible) :

  • walking
  • swimming
  • tennis
  • biking
  • sleeping
  • calories

Shine-by-misfitThe device features include:

  • waterproof design
  • magnet clip
  • coin cell battery (last 4 months)

Extra accessories available for the Shine are:

  • Leatherbands
  • Necklace
  • Sportband
  • 4 colors-champagne, black, topaz, silver-available exclusively at Best Buy

Personally, I love how easy it is to log into the Shine app (iOS Apple system) and track my activity. Throughout the day when I accomplish more steps my Shine lights up with little LED lights. It is pretty cool to see at night, but kind of hard to notice outdoors in the sunshine. All in all I have been preferring the Shine when I dress up, or want a more feminine touch. I have to say, the Shine really “shines” in my book as far as motivating me to walk that extra mile.

Currently, the Jet Black Misfit Shine Activity Monitor  is just $99 at Best Buy!


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    I have been thinking about getting one of these activity trackers for my son this Christmas. The Shine looks like the front runner. My son loves to workout and he is in nursing school so he is fascinated with all the data these trackers spit out. Thanks for the tips.

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