Step2 Sand Castle Play Table™ Review -Sold Exclusively at Target

Step2 Sand Castle Play Table™ Review -Sold Exclusively at Target

“I  partnered with Step2 for the following review. I received a product in exchange for my review and honest opinion. No other compensation was provided.”

Step2-Sand-Table-with-coverWhen I was little I always loved playing in the yard. Dirt, and our big old sand box were some of my all time favorite ways to get down and dirty. My mom used to hate cleaning me up at the end of the day, but now, as a mother of three of my own; I feel here pain! Thankfully, there are sand boxes that are much neater, and way funner than the sand piles of back then. We recently had the opportunity to test out the Step2 Sand Castle Play Table™ with our little ones. This product couldn’t have arrived a better household! It joins tons of outdoor toys by Step2 and is already getting a ton of play time!

Step2-Sand-Castle-Play-TableThe  Step2 Sand Castle Play Table™ is sold exclusively at Target with an average retail of $30-$35. I think this a fair price because it is a well made, and a heavy duty piece that will last years! Our Step2 Water Table is battling the elements outside, and is still working fine, and looks great 4 years later!!  That is a sign that Step2 makes some great kid’s products that are built to last through generations!

My girls are having fun with the Step2 Sand Castle Play Table™ indoors because it is too messy and cold outdoors to have them use real sand. They love the little sifters, scoops, and cups this kid-sized sand table comes with. They filled theirs with blocks, little toys, and dolls for now, but are still having a blast!

Step2-sand-tableHere are some fun product facts that are helpful when deciding if this product is for you:

  • Sand Table is made in the USA, accessories made in China
  • Accessories help kids to build motor skills, and have fun in the sand
  • Features a plug to let out the sand
  • Has a sturdy lid to protect it from the elements, animals-keeps sand clean
  • Ages 1+
  • 10 lbs-very lightweight!
  • Easy to assemble!

sand-box-coverOverall, I give this product 9/10 stars! I would recommend it to anyone who wants a small sandbox that will stay clean. I love that it is raised to deter bugs and cats from going in it too! That right there is a huge selling point for me. My kids should also stay cleaner verses them playing in their sit down crab sand box!

You can learn more about Step2 by connecting with them on Facebook.

Check out our short clip here to see our kids in action, playing with this toy.


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