Frugal Halloween DIY: Primitive Wooden Boo Blocks

Frugal Halloween DIY: Primitive Wooden Boo Blocks

Halloween BlocksWith the Halloween season fast approaching, I have already been thinking of fun, creative ways to  make my own Halloween decorations. I end up spending close to $50 each season because I love having fresh, new decorations each year. I get bored so quickly that I decided I am going to have to start making my own Halloween decorations to save some money.

rough wooden blocksWhen it comes to decorating, I love anything with country, distressed, and primitive. It is crazy just how much people dish out for items that are made to look old! I myself know I could easily replicate many of the very same items I was dishing out double digits for, so I put my mind to it, and started thinking…

I have always wanted to make my own wooden blocks; so I decided to go off of that idea. Raiding my husband’s work shop for scrap wood was probably the easiest part. I found a 2×4 board that he had in his scrap pile, and cut it into 3 different sized pieces. I wanted each to be a little smaller than the next.

orange halloween blocksHere are all the materials you will need to make primitive wooden boo blocks:

  • Scrap wood-You could use smaller, or larger pieces than I used BUT you need to ensure the bottoms are flush so they stand on their own.
  • Burnt Orange & Black Acryclic Paint. I paid $.69 each at Michael’s Arts & Crafts
  • 1 inch chip brush for application
  • Sandpaper for distressing your primitive wooden boo blocks
  • Wooden Letters -$2.19 at Michael’s BOO -Be sure to bring a friend and take advantage of their 40% off coupons.
  • Small wooden bat-also purchased at Michael’s for $.29
  • Wood Glue to glue BOO letters

black boo lettersDirections for making your primitive wooden boo blocks:

  • Cut your scrap wood into 3 different pieces. Be sure that each piece is a little smaller than the next
  • Sand your wooden blocks to ensure the bottoms are flush. They will not stand on their own if they are not even.
  • Paint your Halloween wooden blocks orange on all surfaces
  • Paint your BOO letters black on all surfaces
  • Paint your little bat black
  • Once your items are dry, lightly sand the edges to give it a distressed look
  • Paint little orange ovals on your BOO letters using the same paint from your wooden blocks.
  • Glue your Halloween BOO letters and Bat to the surface of your blocks. Make sure your weight them down with some heavy books-Let the dry at least 12 hours

black painted batVoila~ your Frugal Halloween DIY: Primitive Wooden Boo Blocks should be complete, and a totally awesome Halloween decorative item! These came out great, and look like something I would spend $20+ on at Home Goods!

wooden Halloween decoration


  1. says

    How pretty and clever! I am also super excited about Halloween already, so thanks for this. It looks easy enough for me to manage.. not so crafty here.. haha! Thanks for a great idea!

  2. Debra says

    Those are adorable! I’d probably spend a lot of money buying something just like it at a craft fair…but now I can do it myself. Thanks!

  3. says

    What a smart DIY craft. I love it! Great choice on the coloring and the “O” being up right in one, upside down on the other – really adds to the effect.

  4. says

    shut up! i saw these on pinterest and i pinned them — and now i found you! love it. i love simple projects like this. the kiddos can help paint, and that’s always a mess but they love to help so much!

  5. Motherhood on the Rocks says

    Those are super cute! I’m thinking about having a Halloween party and will definitely try this!


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