Easy Spinach and Cilantro Pesto Spread Recipe

Easy Spinach and Cilantro Pesto Spread Recipe

spinach-pesto-on-crusty-bread-1 Now that we are in mid-spring my garden is in full swing! My spinach, cilantro, basil, parsley, and fancy lettuce varieties are all ready for the picking. I love this time of year because it enables me to use garden fresh herbs, and greens in my meals. Having fresh herbs and spinach really inspire me to make some bold dishes for my family of five.

This week’s dishes are fairly light, but jam packed with healthy ingredients,and antioxidants. I was feeling creative, and wanted to experiment with different spinach recipes. I mean I have so much spinach and can only eat so many boring salads. That is when my recipe for Easy Spinach and Cilantro Pesto Spread hit me. I had purchased some delicious artisan bread the day before and wanted a unique way to dress it up.

If you like traditional pesto, then you will really like this slightly different take on it. While there are no pine nuts in this recipe, the basic tastes are very similar to pesto without pine nuts. Freshly minced garlic, spinach, cilantro, lemon, parmesan, and gourmet olive oil all worked in unison to create this very tasty spread.

Eat this Easy Spinach and Cilantro Pesto Spread on crackers, crusty bread, pasta, on chicken, or right out of the jar!! When even my almost two year old wants more I know my dish is a homerun!

Spinach-Pesto-and-bread-1Easy Spinach and Cilantro Pesto Spread Ingredients:


In a food processor, combine all ingredients until well blended and to a spreadable consistency. Refrigerate in a tightly wrapped container or in  mason jar. Serve on bread, cracker, chicken, or pasta.



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