Mug Gift Ideas that are not Expensive

Are you looking for inexpensive gifts for loved ones this holiday season? Why not purchase a mug and stuff it with fun additions like candy? These gift ideas are sure to make your recipient smile.

The holiday season seems to be flying by, and chances are you might be starting to panic a little? I know I am because my Christmas cards are not yet done, and I still have a ton of gifts to wrap and buy.

Mug Gift Ideas that are not Expensive

Step-By-Step Guide


You don't need to follow these steps! It's up to your imagination and your creativity. You can do whatever you please!

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The beauty of putting together a homemade Christmas gift is that you can easily control the price. You could purchase a really nice mug for $6-$10 or you could purchase one for $1-$3.

Adding the Double Crisp® Coal to one of my favorite mugs–a Naughty mug is my favorite gift I have created. It is so cute and one that we can all relate to. There is always someone on our shopping list who is a little naughty.