Peppermint  Mini OREO Cheesecakes

Our Peppermint Mini OREO Cheesecakes are “love at first bite”! They feature a creamy homemade cheesecake filled with peppermint bits and an OREO cookie at the bottom .

If you are looking for the perfect holiday dessert that will WOW your guests, these Peppermint Mini OREO Cheesecakes are for you!

What you need

Prep Time: 15 Min

Cream Cheese Sugar All-purpose Flour Sour Cream  Eggs Pppermint Extract Oreo Cookies Red Sprinkles Crushed Peppermint

Active Time: 20 min


Peppermint Mini OREO Cheesecakes

Step-By-Step Guide

Baking Tip

Allow the ingredients to warm to room temperature before mixing. This prevents lumpy batter and helps the eggs, cream cheese, and sour cream meld into a silky-smooth consistency.

helpful tip


Add cream cheese and sugar to a large bowl, or stand mixer. Combine cream cheese with sugar until creamy, and fully combined. The mixture will be thick and smooth.

Add flour to the bowl and one cracked egg at a time. The mixture will begin to thin out but still be creamy. You should not have any lumps.