Mini Cream Cheese Stuffed Biscuit Bites 

Biscuits are stuffed with creamy Garlic and Herb Alouette Spreadable Cheese and baked until golden brown.

Cream cheese stuffed biscuit bites are a delicious and easy appetizer or snack. They are made with simple ingredients, such as biscuits, Alouette Garlic and Herb Cheese Spread and everything bagel seasoning.

Cream Cheese Biscuit Bites 

Step-By-Step Guide

Cheesy Biscuit Bites

– For a different flavor, consider using your favorite Alouette Spreadable Cream Cheese flavor. We love the Toasted Everything, Garden Vegetable, & Garlic & Herbs Soft Spreadable Cheese flavors.

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– Place a teaspoon of filling in each biscuit half. Wrap over the edges to form a closed ball. Place the closed ball side down into the greased muffin tin so that the smooth top is upright.

 I love how this recipes uses canned dough to cut down on preparation times. 


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